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Mackenzie, a native of the enchanting landscapes of New England, is a gifted Graphic/Web Designer with a fervent passion for creativity. Her expertise lies in crafting extraordinary visual experiences that mesmerize and inspire. Since her formative years, Mackenzie’s inherent artistic flair has propelled her towards a career in graphic and web design. With an acute attention to detail and a profound grasp of design principles, she consistently delivers groundbreaking solutions that surpass expectations. Mackenzie’s unwavering drive to explore the realms of creativity ignites her enthusiasm and commitment to each project. Whether she’s conceptualizing logos, shaping website layouts, or devising branding strategies, her aim is to leave a lasting impression through her work. Outside of her professional endeavors, Mackenzie finds solace and inspiration in various creative pursuits. An ardent lover of feline companionship, she cherishes moments spent with her cats. During her leisure, she refines her artistic abilities through sketching and indulges in invigorating runs amidst the scenic beauty of her hometown. Mackenzie’s relentless pursuit of perfection and her steadfast dedication to creativity have established her as a distinguished Graphic/Web Designer. Her portfolio stands as a testament to her passion, proficiency, and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of design innovation.

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